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Enterprise Application Development

Our Application Development Team provides innovative solutions to exceed the expectations of our customers. Solutions are based on our long-term and deep knowledge of our focused industry, combined with world-of-class technology expertise in our selected domains. We always take into account and pro-actively implement solutions to best suit your unique requirements ...

Innovative Software Systems are developed using our full stack development capabilities. The aim is to deploy solutions that enhance efficiency, enable quicker ROI, lead to lower OPEX, accentuate transparency, minimize revenue loss or address whatever unique needs our clients present.

All this is implemented by proven agile project & implementation methodologies and standards, proven by a track record of sustainable solutions and excellent deliveries.

Business and IT Consulting

Does your business require increased agility to take advantage of opportunities in the market? Is your company prepared for more than one future? Are you looking for new and innovative ways to increase top lines? There is an increasing number of various types of cloud services available for businesses, let us be your partner in business transformation. ...

We drive the re-evaluation and redesign of the IT environment ensuring a strategic alignment with your business goals. We offer a full range of business and IT consulting services and help in bringing together all the players needed in developing a winning service portfolio.

We also drive advisory assignments with limited scope all the way to full scale integration projects supporting your continuous planning and governance process in all levels needed. LloydAnt provides Enterprise IT Solutions designed specifically to meet the individual business needs of our Public and Private sector clients

Business Process Engineering

We study our clients current business processes and develop new methods to improve productivity, efficiency, and minimize operational costs. Our focus here is, how to diagnose problems with our clients' current methodology, ... and how to redesign, reconstruct, and monitor processes to ensure they are effective

Proper execution of Business Process Reengineering can be a game-changer to any business. If properly handled, business process reengineering can perform miracles on a failing or stagnating company, increasing the profits and driving growth

Project Management

We leverage our experience to manage projects on behalf of our clients. This involves the planning and organization of the clients' resources to move a specific task, event, or duty towards completion ...

It could involve a one-time project or ongoing business activity. Our processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters.

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