Our business specialists understand the concepts of function over form and cause over effect

Leveraging on this, we drive the re-evaluation and redesign of the IT environment ensuring a strategic alignment with your business goals. We offer a full range of business and IT consulting services and help in bringing together all the players needed in developing a winning service portfolio.

Our experience encompasses many sectors, addressing a range of issues that deliver compliance, innovation and a more profitable future. One size does not fit everyone, so LloydAnt acts as a catalyst for operational improvement by adapting our approaches to suit your specific needs

We also drive advisory assignments with limited scope all the way to full scale integration projects supporting your continuous planning and governance process in all required levels.

We add value to the applications that run your business

Our Application Management Services aim to maintain high levels of service quality and availability by ensuring optimal application service operations and minimizing negative business impacts.

Today’s businesses require a rapid response from their IT partners to stay competitive. Innovation, agility and flexibility combined with cost effectiveness are dictating the rules of the game. Leveraging our suite of standardized services, we reduce your operating costs enabling an increase in IGR and making transformation activities self-funding. We align your enterprise and legacy applications to create maximum efficiency–while you focus on your core business.

Experience and expertise

LloydAnt Business Services presents;

  • Principals with more than 40 years of cumulative experience in managing applications for large enterprises across the globe
  • Long-term partnerships with leading organizations in targeted industry sectors, including financial services, telecom, utilities and government
  • Empowered local teams backed by global resources with a strong track record of quality delivery and high client satisfaction

Innovative solutions tailored to suit your unique requirements

Our Application Development Team provides innovative solutions tailored to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers

Solutions are based on our long-term and deep industry knowledge combined with world-class technology expertise in our selected domains. We always take into account our clients unique needs and pro-actively propose solutions to be best fit in their specific requirements.

Our IT design strategy is driven by a customer centric approach in which best building-blocks are taken into use, based on your unique needs. This covers areas all the way from solution requirement gathering, architecture design, application development and modernization, combined with full-range of testing and project management services and concepts to be best to fit into your needs.

All this is implemented by proven project & implementation methodologies and standards, proven by a track record of sustainable solutions and excellent deliveries.