LloydAnt Business Services has a diversified portfolio of IT Consultancy interests with vast experience in the African Market.

We have accumulated the best practices for the respective industries. Our consultants are knowledgeable of the markets and environments in the respective industries and provide the optimum services through their extensive experience industry expertise includes:

Specialists in each service area form an inter-disciplinary team to achieve the desired renovation. Business transformation throughout the entire company is achieved by providing excellent service in an integrated manner.

In addition to our commitment to building business and business infrastructure, we assist our clients in resoling a broad range of management tasks including meeting diversified needs and strengthening their core services. We understand that each industry has its own unique requirements and challenges. The priorities of the Finance Sector are completely different from Logistic or Education enterprises.

LloydAnt Business Services presents teams of industry experts who are devoted 100% to solving problems and making advancements within their respective industries.

Please click on each image below to know more about each area and feel free to contact us to discuss relevant case studies.